Getting the most from your classified Ads

Getting the most from your classified Ads With the internet is has never been easier to post a classified ad(s) online, and with so many options available out there, there a few few things to consider before doing so.

Here are a few tips on getting the most from your classified ads posting.

  1. Is you product or service in the right category? This might seem silly to you, yet everyday many classified ad publishers actually do this. Some may do it simply to post a quick ad, yet many simply do so by human error, not looking in depth to see if the category is the correct one
  2. Does your ad seem genuine? Chances are you may have seen a classified ad in the past with full of grammar errors, address missing, no website, or strange ways of payments. Even though some will utilize classified ads as a way to take advantage in the wrong, many users are legitimate sellers. Make sure the words you use in your classified ad makes sense. If you are not sure, ask a friend to read your text ad before pushing the post button.
  3. Are you adding pictures to your listing for your product and services? When is the last time you saw a classified ad with no picture? Chances are if you did you click the back button almost immediately, and that is what most users do as well. Your chances of getting request for the item or service you are trying to sell will increase dramatically by adding picture. Don’t skip on this part since it is the more critical for sales.

We hope that these simple, yet sometimes ignored tips will help you in getting your product or service sold faster.


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