Selling classified ads has changed dramatically

Selling classified ads has changed dramatically

Selling classified ads has changed dramatically

If you are like me, you probably remember the days before everyone had access to the internet that classified ads where mainly in one location: newspapers.

But times have changes. With technology ever evolving posting classified ads in local newspapers are not as a powerful marketing tool as it uses to be. Don’t get me wrong, classified ads in newspapers still has some influence as many still buy newspapers, it simply that many of the younger generation are skipping this and going to digital.

But many newspapers are now online, including their online classified section, so as we, they have recognized that they must embrace this change. So with this is mind is their still value in classified ads. The answer is YES!

Now since there is so many options on where to post classified ads you may wonder why some businesses would post their listing on several of them and not simply the main ‘big’ ones.

Post Classified Ad Buffalo NY Post Classified Ad Albany NY

#1 Cost: Big classified sites do offer free listings, yet they limit the amount per listing, and some may even force to pay a fee for certain categories.  If you are simply posting one item it may not seem like a big deal, yet if you have several items the cost become an obstacle.

#2 Competition: So, of the bigger sites have so many classified ads that even if you post your classified ad, it can easily be put at the bottom of the list, or worse on the last page. This strategy is worse than simply posting your classified ad on a smaller site with less competition, especially if you are trying to sell something with fierce competition.

Selling classified ads has changed dramatically

#3 More visibility on search engine. Bigger classified sites have so many listing that the value of your listing gets lesser value on search engine. It would still be there yet perhaps at the bottom. It may not matter for your item, yet if you are trying to sell you home for example you can get traffic indirectly from a second source: search engine visitors to your listing

There are as well many other reasons why people choose the smaller ones, but the first two reasons are the principle ones.

Seaway Ads USA is exactly this. It’s a smaller classified site for the USA.  The goal of our site is simply

To be free to post unlimited classified ads

To make it simple and easy to submit classified ads with photos

To make the site as simple and fast as possible. There is no reason to make a classified site design heavy and slow.

Seaway Ads USA. Your source for free classified ads. Post your classified ad today!

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